There are two types of accounts. Personal and Professional. 

Personal Accounts: These are for creating groups for your loved ones, or for trying Spectra Care for free if you are not yet a user and have received an invite to a group from another user.

If you are a clinical user who has been invited to a group by a family, you can join this group as a personal user to communicate with the family so that you get a sense of what Spectra is all about. Learn more on our site.

Professional Accounts: For professionals and their teams to communicate compliant with HIPAA. We "badge" users who are verified clinical professionals so anyone in their groups knows they are officially licensed to manage treatment within a clinical organization. This could also include administrative members of a clinical organization such as administrators, IT professionals, admissions managements, social services representatives, etc.  

You can always create a professional account within the ME section by tapping on the badge and going through the steps to get badged. You can also contact us directly for more information on professional accounts or learn more on our site.