Leaving a group 

When it's time to say goodbye, you can always leave your group. 

  1. Enter your group
  2. Enter group SETTINGS by tapping on the gear icon near the group name. 
  3. Tap LEAVE GROUP. (if you are the owner, you will need to transfer ownership to someone else within the group to pass on your invitation and group management privileges. reference BEST PRACTICES for more information on who should receive ownership if this group contains patients/family members.) 

Note: If if want to DELETE all information within a group, as a group owner you can either: 

  • Remove all members from the group so no-one has access to the communication within. 
  • Invite Support@spectrahealth.us to your group and request that the Spectra team deletes your group and the data within it. 

If you are not a group owner but feel that you have the rights to delete a group entirely, request ownership transferred to you via the group owner within Spectra Care so that you can follow the steps above.