Clinical caregivers and their team members use Spectra care to consolidate communication with anyone treating their patients, regardless of their location or organization, in GROUPS. 

1. Groups: Create groups and name them for anything, and anyone, you want to coordinate care around. 

  • Patient + Family Groups: Clinical caregivers create teams for instant access to their patients to coordinate treatment. These patients can then invite their families so that the entire care team, inside - and outside of the facility, is all working together to improve treatment and adherence to medicine and care plans.
  • Internal Team Groups: Clinical teams create groups for internal communication to replace communication methods such as text messaging, faxing, and email that are not compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in order to safely and securely coordinate care and share patient treatment updates and care information.

2. Invite Family Members, Friends and other Clinical Caregivers: In your groups you can invite others who are a part of whatever purpose you defined for your group. Clinical Caregivers can be confident that they are safe and secure to share treatment information, updates, and instructions with you in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)*.

3. Share Posts in Groups: Share posts and photos in groups to ask questions, update on visits and appointments, progress of treatment, test results, medication effects and adherence, and anything you can think of to make care coordination better - all in one place, with everyone who cares for you and your patients regardless of their location or clinical organization. 

  • For tips on improving your treatment by communicating compliantly, and including family caregivers in your treatment plan, visit our BEST PRACTICES page. 

4. Comments: Comment on posts to keep the conversation alive and organized - or just post an emoji to show you care :) 

5. Successful Care Transitions: Anyone can be a member of your groups, when you create groups for your patients, you can invite their doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. from any organization.

This way - as your patient moves through transitions in care, or visits new clinics and offices, all of your clinical team is a part of the conversation with access to anyone and everyone who also cares for your patient. 

*HIPAA is government legislation that puts requirements in place for healthcare professionals that seeks to protect and limit communication with patients and family members to only take place in person or within compliant technology like Spectra that also meets these privacy and security requirements to ensure protection of your health information. 

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