Hello Spectra Champions, Caregivers and Patients! 

We have some exciting news for everyone on updates to Spectra Care the web and on iPhones via our app: 

  • You can now upload photos to your groups on Spectra Care! 
  • You can now other invite members using their email address OR cell phone number.
  • Spectra is now live on the Apple app store to easily download for iPhones on iOS8+

More information on each update is below. Thanks for using Spectra Care! We hope you like the new features, and welcome any feedback or questions you have. You can contact us directly at Support@spectrahealth.us

Photos - You can now upload photos in groups, and of yourself for your avatar image!

Because we value your privacy and security we do not permanently save ANY secure data from your Spectra Care groups to any of your devices when using Spectra Care. This means that you can take photos on the go, and we never take up space on your phone, tablet or computer with them, because these images to your camera roll. 

Emails - Users will be required to add an email to their account. This will enable you to use emails OR cell phone numbers when inviting others to your groups. 

If you have multiple emails, and/or cell phone numbers, you can always add more to your account in the ME section, then select account. This way, if someone invites you to a group using one of your other emails, you will be able to have all of your groups all associated to your single account. 

For beta users: When you log in for the first time after this update using your previous , you will be prompted to add your email as well as required step to add further security to your account. 

Live in the Apple App Store - We will be in the Apple app store so your patients and family members can download Spectra without having to visit our private site.  

Download the app!

  • BETA USERS: You will be prompted to download the new app when you enter the previous, private beta version. This prompt will direct you to the app store, where you can go through the steps to add your email to your account and have access to photo sharing! You should delete the old version of the app (the one with the white circle around the Spectra Care logo) as it is no longer active. 

Coming soon for Clinical Caregivers!

Teams - If you are a member of a current clinical team in Spectra Care, you will soon see an option when you log in to view your TEAM. This team dashboard will be built on in the future to include cool new features only accessible to your clinical team, and it will also allow you to manage your team members should someone start working for, or leave, your organization. 

ie - A team that works at the Care Center of San Francisco will be in a team called "Care Center of San Francisco"

Badges - If you are a verified clinical caregivers, you will soon see a badge next to your avatar image showing others in your group that you are a clinical caregiver. This is a part of being a member of a clinical team or having a single, professional account. (Similar to verified accounts on Twitter and Instagram.) 

  • BETA USERS: For clinical caregivers that were a part of Spectra's beta, we will work with your team Admins to migrate your account so you are a badged member of your clinical team. During this process, your groups will be migrated into your team context. This means that you can have personal groups too separate from your team groups! It is a best practice to always be on your TEAM account when you are creating groups for communication within your organization and/or with patients and family members of your organization. 

If you are a clinical beta member and have made a personal group in Spectra Care then please let us know and we will ensure that that group is associated to your personal account. Please email us directly at “Support@spectrahealth.us” if this applies to you.