Skilled Nursing Facilities See Positive Impact Adopting Technology to Communicate with Families of their Patient Residents.

Increase Quality of Care, Family Satisfaction, and Build Census.

Decrease Risk of Re-Hospitalization Post Discharge. 


Skilled Nursing Facility teams that have a program in place to educate patients and their families during and after treatment have been shown to decrease risk of readmissions by up to 50%.

Recent studies suggest that nearly one-fifth of Medicare beneficiaries will require re-hospitalization within 30 days of their original hospital stay – and approximately 90% of those were unplanned and potentially preventable.

Adoption of communication programs leveraging secure technology are critical in order to:

  • Educate patients and their families in managing their health post-discharge.

  • Drive productivity and create efficiencies between care teams.

  • Meet legislative requirements with precise documentation.

  • Improve quality of care and quantify core metrics.

  • Ensure ongoing viability and interoperability with health data systems.

  • Reduced chances of readmissions.

  • Reduce cost.

Spectra is a HIPAA compliant messaging service developed in partnership with Skilled Nursing Facilities and their diverse teams.

Use the Spectra Care app to communicate important information with patient families, as well as between teams within the facility. Spectra's technology is cloud based, instantly usable, and accessible on any device with a monthly fee based on size of facility.

Request a demo below to try the app, review program implementation, and receive information on pricing for your facility.