Wish you could receive a notification on your cell phone with a few bullet point notes about new patients?

How about getting a quick update from other team members in your facility alerting you to an update about your patient relevant to their treatment? 

In this free, open online session we will review best practices and share examples of how to create some simple care groups in 5 minutes or less that that will improve your productivity and access to important information about your patients. 

Join the webinar here, no software download necessary - http://www.spectrahealth.us/meetups/

In this session we will cover:

  1. Examples of typical workflows that need to be improved to improve productivity and reduce miscommunication that frequently causes error. 
  2. Walk through how to create care groups based on these topics
  3. Review who on your clinical team to include in these groups, and how to invite them on Spectra. 
  4. Best practices and sample content for sharing daily updates to your team in these care groups.