Getting Started

Use Spectra on any device by visiting our secure web portal, or download our iPhone app. Android app coming soon! Want a printable version of this guide? Download it below.

Create your account with Spectra

If you haven't already, visit our web portal or download our app to follow this guide.


Creating an ACCOUNT:

If this is your first time using Spectra you will need to sign up to create your account.

You can visit Spectra on the web on any device that has access to the internet (like the one you are on now?) or you can download our app for iPhones and get started there. Buttons to do these are above.

  1. On the "Create Account" screen enter your full name and your EMAIL. We will quickly verify this email belongs to you. 

    • If you received an invite to a team or a group in your email previously and want to accept it, you should use that same email address to sign up so we can show you your invite.

  2. The "Verify contact" step requires that you go to your email inbox. 

    • Check out the email we just sent you containing your verification code. Remember that code and go back to Spectra. These codes expire in 10 minutes for security purposes. 

  3. In the "Verify your contact" box, enter the verification code. If you don't immediately see it please check your spam. 

    • Optional: Add your mobile phone number to your account if you would like to link this or skip it for now, you can always do so by visiting the ME section later whenever you are signed in.

Awesome work! You created your account!

Now you can engage in secure group communication with other caregivers. Next step is to create your first care group, or join existing groups from invites sent to you by others.



Create groups to communicate with other caregivers around a topic or theme that you assign as the group name. Just tap + New Group on the "Groups" screen to create a new group.

Popular topics to create care groups for include: 

  • Interdisciplinary topics such as common communications including "appeals" and "new patients" as well as groups of smaller working teams such as "Rehab Management" and "Discharge Planners". 

  • Patient centric topics for caregivers in your team to share updates with a patient and their family caregivers like "[Patient Name] Family Updates" or to share updates with caregivers outside of your organization like "[Patient Name] Home care". 

Best practices for patient & family facing care groups:

Name the patient/family group something like "Mr. Jone's Family Updates" 

  1. Check the patient's face sheet or documentation to see what family members are already authorized to receive information about the patient.

    • If you do not have the email address for Mr. Jones primary family caregiver (POA) to send the invite to them, request it the next time you speak to them.

  2. Invite these family members to the group "[Patient Name's] Family Updates" via their email address. 

    • The best patient caregivers to start inviting are the ones that you have a lot of contact with, those who are repeatedly calling in for information, and/or any net new patients that have a POA on the face sheet with contact information.

  3. Post a welcome message in the group letting the family know when you will be posting updates about the patients care. (Weekly is a good place to start.)

  4. Keep communication simple and in plain english, it's like sending a text message or brief email, but its all HIPAA compliant! 

    • You can add photos to your posts as well, and family members can post back, and/or reply to a post directly by commenting. 

Great job! You made a group!

Spectra is secure, compliant and free for anyone you invite. Now you can invite others to your group to communicate. 

Invite members.png

Inviting others to a group:

Only group OWNERS can invite others. Whoever created a group is the owner by default. 

1. After the group is created, enter the group and tap the icon of the two people (it's beneath the group name) to view all group members and invite new ones. 

2. Tap + Invite new member at the top of the list of members

3. Enter the new members email address in the field and tap send (thats it!) 

Giving a group member OWNERSHIP to invite others:

If you are an owner and want to give invite privileges to another, you can transfer your ownership to them by tapping the three dots next to their name then selecting "transfer ownership". (there can only be one owner).

After transferring ownership you will no longer have the privilege to invite others to the group. 

Organization TEAMS:

If you want to have an added layer of control over who is representing and communicating on behalf of your organization, you should read on. If you are already a team member, or an individual that is using Spectra via an invite from one, you can probably ignore this section. 

  • Why have a team? If you are a member of a team and/or an organization that has been trying Spectra out and you want to be badged as an official clinical user with your organization name and your title next to your name, then you need to start a TEAM.

  • Invite members: When you own a team, you can invite members who will be badged with special symbols, showing patients and family members that this is a member of your team when they communicate in private groups.

  • Remove members: Should it be time to say goodbye to someone on your team because their life has taken them in a new direction, you can remove them from your team in the member dashboard and in doing so the user will be removed from all of the groups they were active in while they were representing your team.

  • Starting a team: It's easy, just create your account on Spectra then visit this page to enter your info. Within 24 hours you will be validated by Spectra, you will be able to invite members to your team.

Want to talk to a Spectra team member before starting a team of your own?

Contact us via email:

Call us anytime: 415.857.0347

Or click here to Request a demo for your organization

Looking for something? have a question for our team?

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