The dictionary defines “caregiver” as a family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person.

But is that really it?

At Spectra, we know that it’s much more. We believe that a caregiver is anyone who willingly sacrifices time and energy to enhance or protect the wellbeing of another.

A caregiver is a husband supporting his pregnant wife. A caregiver is a daughter helping her elderly mother adjust to her new nursing home. A caregiver is the friend who is always willing to bring you to therapy and the therapist who works with you every week.

You may find yourself in a caregiver role abruptly, or you may have time to plan ahead. It may include quick tasks like picking up mail and calling in a prescription, or it may be something that takes up hours and hour of time. It may be for just one day or it might be for several years.

Everyone plays the role of a caregiver at some point in their lives. Participation at any point in the spectrum of care for others, no matter how small, is just as important as the next.