Just as it’s challenging for caregivers to provide the best assistance possible for their loved ones, it’s often hard for many people to suddenly find themselves on the receiving end on the care equation.  Dealing with resistance to care is reality that many caregivers face.

    When people find themselves in need of care, especially for the first time, they’re likely dealing with a multitude of emotions that may make it difficult for them to accept help.  In many cases, these life changes and the emotions that accompany them make them feel vulnerable, frightened or angry. Many people worry about becoming a burden on their family or relinquishing their privacy, making them to resistant to the help that they need.  Understand what's causing this resistance is key in determining how you can encourage cooperation.

Below are tips to help loved ones become more accepting of care.

  1. Assess the situation and create a plan together (if possible).  Giving your family member input will help them feel empowered in their care.  Asking for their preferences will make them feel respected, even if all of their wishes cannot be put into place.

  2. Ask for help from family.  Joining forces with siblings or others may help people accept care, knowing that their entire family has their best interests at heart.

  3. Think about the big picture.  Avoid getting into small arguments about a loved one’s behavior, and try to understand their concerns from their point of view.  Empathy goes a long way!  Make sure they feel heard, even if they are fighting care.

  4. Be honest.  Caregivers should be open with family members who they are assisting, letting them know that resistance is stressful and upsetting.  If they realize that they are causing problems, they may be more likely to help caregivers help them in the process of receiving care.

  5. Stay calm, but be firm.  Ultimately, caregivers must do what’s best for their loved one, even if they don’t want help. Remaining calm but sticking to the plan about what’s best is key to ensuring family members will be safe and provided for, which is the number one goal.

What other tips do you have for encouraging people to accept care?  Share in the comments!