Happy new year!

Wow. What a year it has been. 2015 was busy, crazy, amazing, and filled with memories.

We got to work with a ton of amazing individuals who helped shaped what our product would become and then we launched to the public for the first time in the fall.

Since our launch, our team has been all over America learning more about how caregivers work, collaborate, and what types of tools they need to make their lives better. Every time we meet with you amazing people we walk away with better ideas of how to evolve.

It has been an incredible experience to work with clinical teams, patients, and family caregivers on what it means to truly collaborate to make care better and more delightful. 

Together, we can make the most of 2016 and we are super excited to be brining you some awesome stuff this year.

If you ever have any thoughts, feedback, or want to say hey, please email me! I look forward to connecting with you to learn more about how we can change the world together.


- Nicholas Halfhill

CEO, Spectra