It's FREE to use Spectra on all of your favorite gadgets for personal and clinical communication.

"But how is it free? What's the catch?" You might think. Well, there is no catch. Spectra's mission is to make caregivers' lives in clinics and in families simpler and more delightful so that they can be the best they can be.

Share updates with patients and their family caregivers

HIPAA secure messaging updates with patients family members


Engage your patient's family 

In Spectra, team members share updates on a patient's progress and coordinate visits with family caregivers in private care groups. 

Clinical organizations looking to improve client satisfaction and decrease hospital readmissions understand how important the extended care team is to a successful treatment plan that lives beyond the facility after discharge.

Spectra offers assistance and best practices for implementing these programs at no cost.  

Secure messaging and HIPAA compliance for anyone, anywhere

hipaa secure messaging between healthcare providers


Collaborate with any care provider

Create internal care groups and invite team members across disciplines to update each other across the building or across the world.

Ancillary care providers like nurses, therapists, orthopedics, and in-home caregivers can join your Spectra groups with the click of a button. 

Lower hospital readmissions and meet new treatment requirements


Ensure successful care transitions 

Discharging your patient to home? Who is in charge of making sure they stay healthy? How do you ensure this person is educated on your plan?

With Spectra, you can invite future caregivers of your patient to a group at discharge and collaborate with them to ensure understanding of the discharge plan. 

Optionally stick around in the group with the new team for 30 days after discharge to mitigate misunderstandings that cause re-hospitalization.

Create a modern care team.

Clinical team members create "groups" in Spectra for sharing info with their patients, patient's families, and the rest of the care team. 

Group members view posts created by others, comment, and add photo or text messages to keep each other updated. Watch it all in action in this short video.

New to Spectra?

Check out the Getting Started Guide - our online how-to center with step-by-step guides, best practices and tips, and a downloadable version for print to save or share with others.