Treatment and Technology Converge at Spectra. 

We hope to make your life better by providing resources for making your job simple. Being a champion for technology in your organization means knowing the WHY, WHAT and HOW communication technology will impact your treatment outcomes.

Here you will find data for education, design resources for marketing, and general information on the evolving global community of caregivers helping others in clinical facilities, homes, and within families like yours.

Please contact support@spectrahealth.us if you ever need anything.  

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Spectra is all about making caregiving easier.

  • Doctors, Therapists, and Nurses send plain english updates to patients and their family members to build participation in treatment, improve discharge planning, and boost satisfaction

  • Family caregivers gain insight into treatment progress and peace of mind by viewing updates and coordinating treatment milestones.

  • Pass the baton to future clinical caregivers of the patient instantly. They gain all of the documentation of treatment shared through the app, and can pick up where you left off.

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Getting started is simple.

  1. Demo with us first then lets talk if Spectra is something your team needs. 

  2. Schedule time with Spectra and your Clinical Services team to discuss pilot and rollout strategy (no commitment necessary) 

  3. Kickoff with your teams, after the HIPAA required forms are out of the way, including packs of education and marketing materials. 

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